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About us

Our Institution which  originally had as  Vision to train petroleum and mining technicians to fit in the gap in the mining and oil exploration sector, is today under the authorization of the Minister of Higher Education, Committed in Training seasoned professionals of diverse disciplines with entrepreneurial mindset and moral standing for transformative impact on the country, continent and the world at large. To achieve this, we have as mission  to;

¨ create  a  transformative  professional educational experience for students  focused  on  deep  disciplinary knowledge;  problem solving, leadership, communication  and  entrepreneurial  skills

¨ cultivate a university community   committed to;

  1. Attracting and relating diverse world –class talent;
  2. Creating  a collaborative  environment  open to  the free  exchange  of idea,  where  research,  creativity,  innovation  and entrepreneurship  can  flourish;  and
  3. Ensuring faculties,  staff and  students  can achieve  their  full potentials

¨ To involve all our stakeholders in our decision making process

The Founder/ Director General

With the desire to empower the youths and alleviate poverty,

Mr. KUMASE Simon Powoh  had a dream, to create a professional institute that will be outstanding in the training of engineers in and around Cameroon. This dream is  a reality today with the creation of Gulf Field National Advanced School of Petroleum.

Mr. Kumase Simon Powoh who is currently the Pres- ident and Board Chairman of the Institute is a Cam- eroonian by nationality and has been at the fore- front of the institute and currently also occupy the position of the Director General of the Institute.

To him, empowering youths and helping them get good jobs through professional training, is the best gift any illustrious citizen can offer to his fellow citizens even if it is at a higher cost than expected.

The Registrar

Dr. NWANA Sama Bernard became Registrar of the  Institution on the

27/01/16. The  Senior  Research Officer in Mining Engineering, did his post  graduate  studies in the Moscow Institute of Mining and the Moscow Friendship University where he obtained a Ph.D in Technical Sciences. 

Prior to his becoming Registrar, he had been a lecturer,  Head  of  Mineral  Processing laboratory (LTM) in the Institute of Geological and Mining research, Director of MIPROMALO,  Attaché in the Prime Minister’s Office, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Secretary General at the Cameroon Chamber of Agriculture, Livestock and Forest.

His primary charge and responsibility as Registrar is to “make it work”.


The Director of Programs

Mr Powoh Flavienn

He has a special task of organising the day to day activities of the school.

Using the yearly academic program as a guide, he establishes the timeframe during which both curricula and extra-curricula activities are to take place.

Thus, the smooth running of classes and any other school activities are all in his hands

The Director of Studies (Dos)

Mr. Nsalar Chuye A N.

As Director of Studies (DoS) is charged to see things through to completion in any issues relating to academics. He is responsible for the general oversight, direction, and review of all aspects of the school’s academic practice and policy.

He follows up lecturer ensuring that lessons are properly taught and that syllabuses are covered. He is also responsible for the academic work and progress of all students.

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Admission Requirements
Operation management

To qualify for a place in Gulf-Field Institute, the candidate must have;

  • GCE A/L or Baccalaureate
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of both Eng- lish and French
  • Seat and pass the competitive entrance exam
  • Pay the first fee deposit

Our Admission process starts out in June and runs till September. Competitive entrance examinations are written in major towns like limbe, Douala, bafous- sam, bamenda, Yaoundé and maroua


Our Campus

Located in Limbe, our magnificent structures and the Gulf-Field Village is overlooking the prestigious National Oil Refinery SONARA. Our campus is modern, with well ventilated class- rooms, study rooms and research centers. Good recreational and relaxation sites have also been made installed on campus with.

Limbe is a tourist town that receives over 50 000 tourist annual-

ly who visit the great touristic sites like the Limbe Beach, Botanic Garden, Mt. Fako, The Limbe Beach and a host of others. All of these recreational sites are located just a few miles away from the campus.

Students living on campus will have the opportunity to visit