Mining Engineering

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September 9, 2017
3 Years
1,486,000 F CFA


Mining deals with the application of science and technology skill set in the extraction of minerals from the earth, making it a multidisciplinary   role. A mining   Engineer ensures the safe and efficient    development   of mines and other surface and underground operations

Job opportunities

Graduates can gain employment with mining organizations as;

  • Project control technicians,
  • Procurement   officers,
  • Mill operators 
  • Field service technician and more



  • i want to be admits for 2017 2018

    fodong Reply
    • go ahead and apply by downloading and filling the scholarship form

      admin Reply
  • i want to be a minning enginee

    fodong Reply
    • all you need to do is apply

      admin Reply
  • i want to apply for mining and i want to know how the fee is been paid

    Wood Zone Reply
    • We can negotiate on payment. You are welcome to joining us

      admin Reply
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